3 dspn sunflower oil

120 g butter/vegan margarine

1 kg carrots peeled and chopped

350g carrots peeled coarsely grated

3 large onions chopped

3 sticks celery chopped

3 medium potatoes peeled chopped

3 l vegetable stock

9 tspn ground coriander

Pot fresh coriander – finely chopped

600 ml milk/cashew nut milk

Salt & black pepper



Melt butter/margarine in large stock pot and sweat the onions till soft

Add celery, onions and chopped carrots and sweat for 15 mins ensuring they don’t stick

Add stock and simmer until vegetables are soft

Puree the soup then add the milk

Heat sunflower oil in small frying pan

Add fresh and ground coriander and fry for about 2 minutes stirring then add to soup and mix well

Add salt and pepper to taste