About TT

What Trossachs Tryst is about – Inner Peace for a Compassionate World

Trossachs Tryst is a non-denominational retreat centre and guest house founded in 2022, for all faiths and none. We welcome a diverse range of facilitators who offer well-being approaches and technologies and their participants Many of our guests come from Central Scotland and some from further afield.

We are a safe, nourishing space set in a stunning landscape that nourishes the soul, holding transformational processes allowing an emergence of the true, connected self, bringing about a deeper inner peace. Most if not all of us want to experience well-being & inner peace. At times we experience challenging emotions and unhelpful patterns of behaving in ourselves.  Given the right environment & support we are able to turn inward, face ourselves and in so doing find meaning, joy & connection.

Our bodies, relationships, communities & society need to be nourished just as our minds & hearts. Where to begin? Here it starts with self. Having made peace inside, we are able to meet the world around us with compassion. When there is peace within there is peace without.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes 

Carl Jung

We are not reinventing the wheel. What we are about resonates with what others have said & lived before and what so many others are also doing in different ways. Some of the sources that have informed our development are:

  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs
  • the Heart Sutra
  • Christian mystics
  • C G Jung’s work
  • Small is beautiful

We are moving towards:

  • Using methods from different wisdom traditions to support the journey inward such as meditation for the mind, yoga for the body, breathwork for the emotions and silence and nature connection for the heart.
  • Supporting  people’s needs  to flourish in different ways & building and connecting  with communities
  • Sharing resources with others & nature in a way that is sustainable for Scotland & the planet

For whom:

  • We are here for people who want to dive deeper into who and what they are and explore beyond initial excursions into self-development  or mindfulness.
  • The lodge provides a place for facilitators to bring their groups & for groups to gather for workshops and retreats.
  • Caledonian Holotropic, The Western Chan Fellowship & Heartfulness are some of our regulars on our events list.
  • We also have artists, walkers, bikers and B&B guests staying with us.

Community Interest

We see ourselves as part of an interconnected world. We want to contribute to ethical, authentic, aware and constructive sharing of  this world and foster compassionate relating. In this context we are moving towards a social enterprise in the form of a community interest company.