It is with a whole range of emotions that we write to tell you that we are bringing to a close the retreat centre at Cherry Tree Lodge. There is the greatest demand right now for such places. However, the conclusion we draw from the many significant challenges we currently face in holding this space is that such a place is not to be on this piece of land.

We both recently completed a ritual giving notice of our stewardship back to the land. Many tears were shed for as many reasons. Tears of sadness not least for regrets and mistakes along the way but also tears of joy for all the many wonderful people coming to stay awhile and the connections we have made.

Over the 10 years we have been here hundreds of you have visited and woven a part of yourselves into the rich tapestry that has been Cherry Tree Lodge B & B and latterly, Retreat Centre. It has been a two way thing – whatever you may have taken from here with you, you also left something of yourself for the next visitor.

It has been an honour and a priviledge to hold this space – not always skillfully done but when it hasn’t we have learned from it. So thank you for the teachings.

We are opening this Book of Memories & Celebrations for those of you who would like to make a comment, to honour a memory, or to share an experience.