We are keen to ensure that what we do leaves a light footprint on the environment.  We are striving to be eco-hosts and have a Gold Award from Trip Advisor’s Green Leader Programme and a  Gold Award the from Green Tourism Business Scheme.

Light Footprint 

Our aim is to increase car sharing to 50% of participant numbers per event over a two year period.

Please try to care share when you visit and use public transport whenever possible. And a great resource is Traveline Scotland.

When you register for an event you will be directed to a car sharing message board. Please offer lifts to where you can including pick-ups from Dunfermline train station or Halbealth P&R or Dunfermline Bus station.

When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves

David Orr

Responsibly sourced

We aim to source ethically, locally and with a low footprint. For example:

  • Christine, our neighbour with free range chickens, three poly tunnels and ten green fingers supplies us with eggs, vegetables, salads, jams & pickles.
  • We have helped form a local food cooperative supplied by Green City Wholefoods in Glasgow.
  • Procuring our loo paper from “Who Gives A Crap!” – it is soft on the bum and 50% of their profits go  to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world – it’s another win:win.
  • We buy our additional electricity needs from Bulb who offer well priced 100% renewable energy. You could have them provide your energy too. They made the switchover so easy and they have really friendly staff. They give you £50 when you join up with this link  and we get £50 too. How’s that for a win:win?
  • We buy our round wood from sources that have a replanting programme and we are accredited on the Biomass Suppliers List as a self supplier.
  • We are really happy to have AISO host our website. They specialise in affordable and reliable green web hosting that’s 100% solar powered. That’s right, our web hosting is powered by the sun! – and this helps us do one more thing to live in partnership with our environment. Take a look at what they offer…

To help fulfil the material needs of what we do here, we are avid users of the likes of Freecycle, Ebay, Gumtree, Freegle to give unwanted items a new lease of life and to do what we can to prevent items going to landfill.

ECO projects

  • Electric car sharing points installed 2017
  • We converted to LED lights throughout 2015
  • Installing a biomass burner in 2014 means that we use renewable fuels to heat the house and water.
  • With the help from our local community and advice & a grant of the Scottish Woodland Trust we planted 1600 indigenous trees (18 species) in 2014
  • Installing solar power panels in 2011


We started  with bee hives in 2013 and they are by now looked after by Jan & Leigh producing an abundant supply of honey.

We are encouraging biodiversity by creating different habitats including a wild flower meadow in the paddocks.  We are part of  Bug’s life B-line and are recording different species of plants and animals with i-record, especially moths whose caterpillars are supporting the bottom of the food chain.  People all over Britain record their wild life sightings on i-record which is then available to scientists who monitor the distribution of different species . This way the disappearance of some, and the arrival of other species can be tracked and researched. You might want to enter your nature observations too!

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children

Native American Proverb

Our green promise

We promise to:

  • only use eco friendly cleaning materials
  • compost our food and garden waste
  • harvest rainwater for use in the garden
  • recycle waste paper, tin, glass, plastic
  • use energy saving lighting
  • do our banking ethically with the Co-operative bank
  • get our logs from sustainable sources
  • wash laundry at 40c or less
  • dry laundry using the wind where practical
  • buy local products where possible
  • make our garden attractive to wildlife
  • encourage and make it easier for you to do the same