Infection Control Special Measures

Cherry Tree Lodge is well known as a safe place where you can do your inner work and just “Be”. The well-being of our guests is one of the main pillars of our offering and we want to let you know about the measures we are taking to help reduce Covid-19 transmission and maintain a safe as possible environment for your experience.

Most of us know that many people with Covid-19 are asymptomatic and are unaware they might be a carrier of the virus, which is mainly spread through airborne transmission.

Our aim is to minimise the risk of cross infection as much as we can. We all have a responsibility in this. It is a great opportunity to connect to the qualities of care and consideration for you and for others.

We hold the Visit Scotland industry standard and consumer mark

The 3 symptoms to watch out for are:

A temperature over 37.8C

A new continuous cough

Change to/loss of sense of taste or smell

Useful strategies for minimising the spread of the virus are:

Wear a face mask when in company

Sneeze or cough into a tissue and dispose of it, or into the crook of your elbow to contain it as best you can

Washing or sanitising your hands when entering common areas

Avoiding touching your face, particularly nose, eyes and mouth

Keeping physical distance

Our pledge to our guests and visitors

We will disinfect high contact surfaces before a group arrives and regularly during their stay.

We will position beds so that they are as far apart as possible in shared rooms – there continues to be single occupancy options available

We will continue providing individual colour coded hand/bath towels to avoid them getting mixed up

Staff will sanitise their hands on arrival and change into workwear stored on site

Our kitchen staff will wear face masks while preparing and setting up food

We continue to sterilise everything that touches the mouth such as crockery, cutlery and glasses

There will be hand sanitiser placed at strategic locations

We will seat less people at tables and there may be a need to stagger meals

Your pledge to us and your fellow participants

Two weeks before you arrive for your retreat you agree to:

be additionally mindful of avoiding high risk contact activity.

alert your retreat facilitator if you develop any of the common symptoms listed above, or have been notified that you have been in contact with someone who has.


On the day of your intended arrival you agree to:

take your temperature to ensure it is in normal range. If you have a raised temperature or if you feel you are developing any of the above common symptoms you will alert your retreat facilitator.

bring a personal supply of hand sanitiser.

wash/sanitise your hands on arrival and regularly while you are here.

change your outer clothes on arrival if you have travelled on public transport and bag them.


While you are here you agree to:

wear a face mask while moving around the house.

be conscious around touching your mouth/nose/eyes and cleaning your hands when you do.

keep your room ventilated through the night.

wash your hands before, and wear a face mask while, plating your meal.

only use your allocated colour coded towels in shared bathrooms.

sanitise the sink/shower/toilet seat in shared bathrooms after you use it with your personal colour coded cleaning cloths.

place any books you read from the bookshelves in the quarantine area.


After you leave you agree to:

Inform your facilitator if you develop any of the common symptoms listed above or test positive for Covid-19 within 2 weeks of your session this is to assist in tracing and tracking.


We are looking forward to closer connections when it is safer to do so