26 – 29 November : A Taste of Chan

Chan is the origin of Zen – Deepening practice & opening to insight

This retreat enables beginners and established meditators to take a break from everyday life to practice mediation in a Chan style silent retreat. The main methods of Chan practice will be introduced experientially to participants, including calming and relaxation methods, the use of Silent Illumination and Koan/Gongan work.

The retreat will have an early start, formal sittings, walking meditations indoors and outdoors, simple rituals, as well as work practice, supporting the participant to develop an inner stillness and to explore what it means to live with their own minds.

Introductions to sitting and walking meditation will be given. Talks are given on how to settle thoughts and emotions and how to deepen your own understanding of your mind. There will also be the opportunity to check in with the teacher in a one to one consultation.

It is an opportunity to experience personal silence in a place of nature and to discover more about ourselves in the space that silence creates.

The retreat starts at 7pm (please have dinner before arrival). Accommodation is in shared twin rooms. Full board will be provided and the event finishes at 10:30am on Sunday.

The cost for the weekend is £219. If you bring your own towel and bedlinen the cost is £209. This does not include a fee for the teacher; however there will be the opportunity to make a donation at the end of the retreat. A limited bursary fund is available. Contributions to the same are welcome.

For further information visit Western Chan Fellowship

For further details about the weekend please ring Till on 07834 596727.