19 November: Welcoming Winter – Day Retreat

Join Susie and Phil from Pause & Breathe for a day retreat to welcome winter in. There will be a mix of Mindfulness, Qi Gong and Yoga Nidra (Rest) practices to help us get ready for the change in season.

Winter is a time for stillness and reflection. Perhaps a time when we start to conserve energy, when we feel a pull to hibernate. Our day will help us to rest, and prepare for renewal.

Our mindfulness practice will include some journaling, starting the process of reflection that is so useful at this time of year.

Qi Gong helps us to move any stuck energy around the body. Winter is often a time when we can get ill, Phil will share some Qi Gong moves for good health.

And we will truly rest during Yoga Nidra – a practice designed to help us reach the hypnagogic state between being awake and asleep. Yoga Nidra is truly restorative, exactly what we need at this time of year.

The day will run from 10.30am-3pm at Trosaachs Tryst, Callander. Weather dependent, we may be able to hold some of our session outside – embracing the winter air. 

Lunch is included.

The day is offered on a donation basis and proceeds will go to the Trossachs Tryst Retreat Fund.