Monday’s 2pm : Heart Circle @ The Lodge

Heart Circles are rituals where gatherings of people meet in sacred (meaning deeply held respect rather than having a religious connotation) space to speak, from the heart, and to be listened to, from the heart.

The sharing of a story gives permission for another to be shared – the sharing of a story leads to healing.
A circle has no beginning and no end, it has no “right” angle, all are equidistant from the centre.

One of the causes of dis-ease is isolation – just having a place in a circle can be healing;

  • they provide a space to witness and be witnessed.
  • they welcome any emotion.
  • they have ground rules which include CONFIDENTIALITY and anyone unable to “sign up” to that will be respectfully asked to leave.
  • they can have a theme or a purpose and equally they don’t have to, they can just be.
  • they can last for an hour or go on for days – ours will be 1 hour.
  • the speaker has protected space typically symbolised by holding a sacred object – no one interrupts. In our online session we will go in alphabetical order.
  • the speaker speaks their truth and is their authentic self.
  • the speaker uses the empowering “I” statements and are encouraged to own their thoughts and feelings.
  • the speaker will communicate what is going on for them, at this moment rather than give a generalised view or their philosophy on life.
  • the person holding the sacred object doesn’t have to speak they can just hold it and be witnessed in their space equally they can just pass it on as it arrives at them.
  • the listeners actively listen and offer up a loving intent to the speaker.
  • the listeners’ loving silence creates a container for healing, connection, alleviation of suffering.
  • We have a time frame so please be mindful of others who may wish to speak
  • If you want to respond to something someone has said wait until your turn
  • As people are sharing, very often what they say can resonate with your own journey. It can be supportive to the sharer to just raise your hand to show this. It can also discharge that “I know what you mean” or “That’s happened to me too” and help you stay present.

Rather than make a charge we simply ask for a donation which can be made here either to the Cherry Tree Lodge Retreat Fund or The Development Fund.