4 garlic cloves crushed

6 dspn olive oil

6 large onions

6 tspn cumin

3 tspn mild curry powder

3 tspn turmeric

6 tspn ginger

6 celery stick finely chopped


6 medium carrots chopped

3.6 l vegetable stock

6 400 g can chickpeas

12 tbspn tomato puree

3 tspn salt



In large frying pan saute garlic in oil for 1 min

Add onion and dry spices and cook for 2 mins

Toss in the vegetables and add 2 tbspn of the stock. Cover and steam fry for 3 minutes

Transfer to large pot and add chick peas, tomato puree, remaining stock and salt.

Allow curry to simmer uncovered for 30 mins when the vegetables should be tender and the sauce has thickened slightly